A "Decades of Fashion" Appreciation Post

What I'm Wearing
White Sunnies: Five Below ($4) | Black Sunnies: (temporarily borrowed from Denzel)
Clip-on Earrings: thrifted | Bracelets: ALDO | Necklace: Wet Seal
Giraffe Pin: gift from Mom
Teal Blazer: thrifted
Striped Top: Club Monaco thrifted
High Waisted Shorts: thrifted DIY
Striped Tights: River Island | Blue Tights: HUE
Black Oxfords: Big Buddha

I am a huge fan of 80's & 90's fashion trends. From the "dare-I-wear-this" prints and the high waisted mom jeans to the combat boots, shoulder pads, and retro windbreakers. I love it all. So every once in a while...and by "once in a while" I really mean "week"...I pay tribute to the decades of fashion that stole my heart.

This week, I turned a pair of high waisted mom jeans into some shorts, I dared to wear bright blue tights underneath a vertical striped pair, I brought out my [sister's] leather fossil bag (because who does vintage better than Fossil?), I fully equipped my shoulders with shoulder pads (just in case someone needed to "Lean On Me*"), and I rocked my vintage-esque sunnies (which seem to change color in the post, but, don't be fooled. I just borrowed Denzel's because they fit my outfit better. Hehe).

It's so hard to choose my favorite part of 80's & 90's fashion, because there was so much to love! Decades of fashion, this has been an appreciation post from someone who loves you immensely.

What is your favorite 80's and/or 90's trend?

*Lean On Me is a GREAT movie for 80's/90's fashion inspiration and just a great movie all together!

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