What I'm Wearing
Scarf (worn as headwrap): (gift) | Earrings & Necklace: ICING | Pashmina: XSRE
Striped Cardigan: Walmart Kids ($12)
Striped Shirt: Club Monaco (thrifted $8)
Black Maxi Dress (worn as skirt): H&M ($15)
Black Chelsea Boots: ASOS ($20)

My headwrap, my cardigan, my shirt and my skirt all have one thing in common! Well... two things if you count the fact that they're all in the same color family! They're all knotted! I didn't do it intentionally, but I realized after tying my shirt and my skirt (which is actually a maxi dress) that I was tying a lot of knots!

Oh, I went thrifting in this outfit! I find that going thrifting in outfits that are just as easy to take off as they are to put on saves a ton of time! Nine times out of ten, I go thrifting in skirts or leggings. And, since I spend no less than 3 hours during each thrifting journey, I like to save time in any way I can. This being one of them! I can't wait to show you all what I found! You'll see one on Valentine's Day! Stay tuned ;)

Until next time! :)

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