Chocolate Laced: New Hair

by - Saturday, July 16, 2011

The hairstyle I've been waiting for is finally on my head! Drum roll, please!


Four hours: the shortest amount of time that I've ever had to sit in a chair to get braids. The last time I got braids in my hair, I was visiting Nigeria, they were one TENTH the size of these and it took 21 hours to do! I am very please with the outcome. How do you like my new hair?

For some reason, I have developed a slight obsession with the combination of olive and denim/chambray.

What I'm Wearing
Denim Vest: H&M (closet swap)
Earrings: F21 ($2)
Cropped Tee: DIY
Skinny Cargos: H&M ($5)
Flats: Steve Madden (gift)
Necklaces: F21 ($6) & CR (my sister's closet)
Watch: Fossil (gift)
Bangles & Bracelets: yard sale ($2 ea. x2) & (my sister's closet)
Backpack: Thrifted ($13)
TOTAL: $30

Readers: Question!

I've been really fascinated by color combinations lately and I want to make a visual chart of aesthetic, eye-catching combos as a reference if I'm ever feeling like I need a little more inspiration for an outfit. With that said, what are your favorite color combos (to see/wear)? Please answer below! I'll be greatly appreciative!

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