Chocolate Laced: Midi, Lace & Leopard

This week has been incredibly hectic for me. I've immersed myself in camp work to the point where I barely have time for anything else! I'm as energetic as the energizer bunny while at camp but once I step into my house, every last bit of energy that I have is used to walk me over to my bed. Today, I decided that I needed to get things done! I finally got to shipping the items that I sold on eBay. I made an appointment to get my hair done next Saturday and I bought a hot/neon pink dolman sleeved crop top that I thought would go well as my neon + neutral look. It was on sale for $10 at sears and the fit was too cute to boot.

In an attempt to try something new, I threw on this colbat blue midi skirt that I bought new from eBay, the striped cream lace and gray tank that I got as a birthday gift, and the leopard bow belt that I bought on sale from ASOS. This outfit was worn solely for the sake of comfortability and boy, was I comfy.

What I'm Wearing

Earrings: (gift)
Tank Top: Forever 21 (gift)
Belt: ASOS ($6)
Chiffon Skirt: eBay ($9)
Sandals: Payless ($13)
Bracelets, Ring & Watch: Assorted (~$5)
TOTAL: ~$33

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