Chocolate Laced: Inside My Closet Part I

by - Monday, July 25, 2011

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Hello everyone!

I've been MIA lately, I'm deeply sorry. There have been a plethora of outfits in the past week that I would have loved to blog about, but situations (like forgetting my laptop at work and having to work 11 hours in one day twice in the week) have not given me the opportunity to blog or even prepare a scheduled post.

A few days before my last post, I rearranged my closet (which happens to be a tiny extra room in my house; it's near my bedroom, too, so points for convenience!) and it was so clean and it looked so different that I had to take pictures of it! It wasn't until after I took the pictures that I decided I'd share it with all of you!

  1. Box of Belts - I have over 30 belts. Most of them I don't used/haven't used. But I keep them rolled up and color coordinated in that box. Sometimes they get tangled. Sometimes I fix it.
  2. Bags - Not super happy with my collection, I'm working on getting more colors and textures and getting rid of the pointless ones that remain.
  3. DIY Jewelry Hangers - I got the idea from several websites and they both took about five to ten minutes max.
  4. Shoes - Oh, I love shoes! Most of my flats are reaching retirement though.
  5. Jewelry & Pants - Yeah, a weird combination, but I'll explain later.
  6. New Stuff! - Yea, I leave them in their bags/boxes for about a week so I'm not tempted to wear them. I have so much stuff that I shouldn't be buying anything! But I hate to walk away from a good sale!
  7. Clothes - Six drawers full
  8. More Clothes - I have to double, triple, quadruple, (and so on) each hanger. So no hanger holds only one item.
I've decided to share my closet in different parts because it seems too big to share all in one post. So, this post is dedicated to the jewelry!

I used a picture frame and some plastic net-ish thing I found around the house to make the earring holder on the wall and I used cardboard, pins, and the fabric off an old pair of pants to make the necklace hanger. My bracelets and rings are stacked on a paper towel dispenser. The vintage container and porcelain container were found around my house.

I hope you enjoyed your first peek into my closet!

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