Chocolate Laced: Ready, Set, CAMP!

Today , I had a meeting for my summer camp that starts on Tuesday. I'm so excited, it's far from funny. Some might see it as sad but I didn't ask the opinions of "some". I LOVE kids (granted that I can return them after a certain time of day) and they are absolutely precious to me (when they're not crying). Summer camp is a six week program. Monday to Friday. 8 AM to 5 PM. The longest 30 days of the year but also the most fun by far. Summer camp also means my chic level will drop about 10 points below what it is now. Yup. No skirts. No dresses. No pants (it gets hot!) No jeans (see "no pants"). Just shorts. Shorts. Shorts. And more shorts. And the same shirt...every day. Won't that be joyful? Until then, I'll let my chic shine.

Speaking of shining, the SUN was NOT playing any games today. Nine in the morning when I stepped out the house, I was attacked by ravenous rays of sunlight bringing my skin to a temperature that could have whipped up a fine meal of eggs sunny side up. No joke. I hate wearing gray in the summer but I cannot say no to this top! I also tried something different with my hair. pinned it up in a 'do inspired by Janelle Monae. My hair is nowhere as long as hers but I worked with what I have!

What I'm Wearing

Bow: Forever 21 (2 for $2)
Earrings: Forever 21 (gift)
Necklace: Express (my sister's closet)
Lace Back Cardigan: (my sister's closet)
Bangle/Watch: (gift)
Bow Back Leotard: Macy's (gift)
Scarf (used as belt): (gift)
Striped Harem Pants: eBay (gift)
Gladiator Sandals: Shoe Dept ($15)
TOTAL: $17

My best friend just bought me those pant for my birthday this past May and they are proof of how much she understands me. I love these pants but not as much as I love her!

Who's ready for camp?! *thumb to chest* This girl is!

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