Pleated Hi-Low Skirt

by - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Wearing
Lace Shirt: closet swap
Black High-Low Skirt: gift
Black Peep-Toe Block Heels: Charlotte Russe ($10)

I have a habit of going through my friends' closets to discover the treasures that they were able to get their hands one before I did. They all expect this from me because a) they do it whenever they can and b) we're all around the same size. One day, I spotted a polka dot turquoise blue hi-low maxi skirt in my friend, Roxy's closet and immediately I had hearts pump in and out of my eyes (like the cartoons).

Roxy is a saint. She said I could wear the skirt if I wanted, but she had another one (this one) that I could have because she was too short to wear it. At that point, I think I was soon to be on the verge of tears. She handed me the pleated black skirt and I danced with it like Cinderella did with the birds.

Working at camp over the summer, the only chance I get to wear something other than my staff shirt and my cargo shorts are my weekends when I actually go out. I wore this on July 4th. I won't be posting much but I'll most likely have an Instagram post in the future to show you all what you missed!

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