What I Wore: America's Next Top Model Casting Call

What I'm Wearing
Spiked Hoop Earrings: ICING | Black Pashmina [Head] Scarf: XSRE | Fur Lapel: H&M ($17)
Black Tee: H&M ($5)
High Waisted Jeans: thirfted ($2)
TANDY Platform Pump w/ Ankle Strap: BAKERS (gift)

On Sunday, January 6, 2013, I did something I could only ever dream of doing: I attended a casting call for ANTM at Colonie Center in Albany. I'd been told time and time again that I should model, but I just never knew how to go about getting in that "industry"...and this was a huge step for me. The night before, I was freaking out, so I looked to my best friends and Facebook, of course, for consolation, advice, and motivation. I was overwhelmed by the amount of support I received and I realized that it really wouldn't hurt to go. And it didn't! I met some amazing people with personalities to match! Now, if I make the show, how fabulous would that be?

I was complimented numerous times on my outfit (which surprised me)! When choosing what to wear, I decided that something too glam would be distracting because the main focus of a casting call is your presence, personality, and performance (as far as your walk and how you present the first two "P's"). A friend of mine had the right idea though, "If you go, just wear your flyest t-shirt and jeans."

And that's what I did!

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