Chocolate Laced's New Year's Resolutions & Reader Survey!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed this holiday season! I've had a bit too much time to relax but now it's time to get back to business. I haven't taken any outfit photos just yet, but I've scheduled a couple shoots, so I'm ready to have things back up and running for Chocolate Laced. This will not be a year of slacking, scout's honor. I see many a great thing ahead, but to get there, I must assess my past and apply the lessons to the future (as with every great decision one should make). Here's a list I've created to help me stay on track with all that I aspire to do. Throughout this year, I will, most likely, be referring back to this post countless times to ensure that I accomplish everything that I hope to accomplish! And I've also included a reader survey (very short, I promise) that follows immediately after my list! So without further ado, my blog new year resolutions!

With a little help from IFB's numerous suggestions (1, 2, and 3), I was able to create this list!

My Blogging New Year Resolutions/Goals

  • Redesign Chocolate Laced: This goal will be accomplished very soon. My good friend Mahodd has already completed more than half of the illustrations I requested. Blog, it's about time to upgrade ya!
  • More consistent posts, less hiatuses: Hiatuses really take a toll on my blog's performance and I tend to take one every summer (because of camp)! But this past semester showed me that I could be extremely busy but still find time to blog (and succeed in both blogging and whatever else I'm doing!)
  • Manage my time better & PLAN POSTS for any anticipated hiatuses: So, if I DO, for some odd reason, need to be away from my blog, there will be planned posts to make up for my unnoticed time away! And with managing my time, I won't get carried away doing things that won't benefit my blog or my readers!
  • Find more blogs that inspire my style! And comment more often!: This ties into time management and the overall growth of my blog.
  • YouTube hairstyle and scarf headwrapping tutorials: I've had WAY too many people request that I do this for me NOT to. Get ready!
  • Guest Posting and Fan/Friend/Family Features!: I want to see more chocolate laced individuals on my blog too!
  • Chocolate Laced Street Style!: If I don't end up posting these photos on this blog, they'll CERTAINLY be featured on my Tumblr!
  • MORE GIVEAWAYS: And many will be sponsored by yours truly: ME! As my way of saying thank you for all your support!
  • Shop My Closet!: I've created the store, but I've yet to put anything inside! Would you be interested?! (I hope you all say yes! I'll be listing many thrifting finds that I either decided against or found and thought one of you may like! So ALL SIZES will be available! STAY TUNED!
  • BUY "": THIS IS A MUST!!!!

And now for the short survey!

Thank you all so, so, SO MUCH! And I hope the first week of the new year has been good to you! It has to me!

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