New Look! Artwork by Mahodd Harvin

A few weeks ago, I contacted one of my artistically inclined friends and asked--what I thought was--a huge favor of him. I gave him 4 of my favorite outfit photos and asked if he was able to create a representation of them in the form of fashion design sketches. I was planning on using them for my new layout, which you can see live now: simplistic with a touch of class and "wow" factor, thanks to his exquisite drawings.

The first drawing I displayed you can find on my about me page in a super cool merged cartoon/human version I created. The second drawing is my profile picture on my Facebook Page. The third drawing I used in my banner. And I plan on using the fourth picture as my twitter background.

The coolest thing about these drawings is that my friend, Mahodd (muh-HAHD), drew all these images on his iPad. Now, that is talent!

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