Rules: They're Made To Be Broken | 10 Day Challenge: Five

What I'm Wearing
Head Scarf: (gift)
Scarf: (gift)
Leather Jacket: H&M (closet swap)
Hearts Blouse: H&M ($15)
Striped Shirt: H&M ($12)
Leather Skirt: H&M ($29) I had to buy it! I was in love!
Red Tights (underneath): $3 (JCPenney)
Plaid Tights: $3 (JCPenney)
Black Combat Boots: H&M ($15)

Day Five

I believe that fashion is the rule book and style is how you interpret them. Today, I let my prints fight for the spotlight. It turns out no one won, so they each got their share of the fame. Have you ever tried mixing prints? It's easiest when you don't mix a lot of busy prints and when you stay around the same color scheme. But there are many ways to mix prints! Floral and stripes are very popular. Leopard and stripes as well! Well in this outfit I gave you some hearts, stripes and plaid. If you check out my Outfits By Pattern search on my left sidebar, you'll see how I've worn my prints n' patterns in previous outfits and how I've mixed my prints! Some are very subtle looks white others (one, in particular) are BOLD and daring!

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