Chocolate Laced: Hiatus!

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I should have made this post about a week ago, but I could never find time to actually do it! Hello everyone! I miss you all! I miss blogging and taking pictures so much but time and circumstance has not been on my side. As you all know, I'm in a very demanding major in school (Computer Science & Applied Mathematics) and as you can see from the picture I chose I have been studying. We all know that the word studying is comprised of two other words. The stu is thanks to the student that I am and the rest of the word, dying is pretty accurate.

What I would really love is if one of you lovely bloggers could do a guest post on my blog while I'm gone. Maybe even a reader who doesn't have a blog, but wants to take a stab at it! If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'm open to all of them! Just email me at or (or both) and let me know any ideas you have! I am also open to sponsors now! Any sponsorship opportunities that you may have you can bring to me as well! Don't forget to like Chocolate Laced on Facebook!

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