Two Seasons Later... I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hello lovelies! I know... I know. I can't just come back as if I didn't disappear for half a year. A LOT has happened in my life since I took my unannounced hiatus, but I am back to blogging. And I'm staying, I'm stay-AY-ing. And you, and you, and YOU... YOU'RE GONNA LOVE MEEEEEEEE! ♪♫

So, here's my long story short, in no particular order, of the past six months:

• I graduated in December with my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics. Whoot! (Still looking for a job though, so if you know of anything or anyONE, keep me in mind. Please and thank you.)
• I turned 23! I'm getting old. Yikes. However, a lady DID tell me, on that day, that I looked like I was turning 18, so... SCORE!
• I received a promotion at work! Yay! Nothing says maturity and growth like more responsibilities and, not to mention, $$$.
• I got my learner's permit and I've been steadily making strides towards getting my license. The plan is to get it by August.
And last, but most certainly not the least:
• I have added a slew of clothes to my collection... which of course I see as both a good and a bad thing.

And that, ladies and gents, is the summary of my life in the last six months. It was a combination of those events and the tensions that I experienced leading up to them that aided my decision to step back from blogging. However, if there ever is a need for a break from blogging in my future, I'll be sure to inform.

Stay tuned! This outfit post will be up soon.

Happy Sunday!

*edit* Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful and dedicated fathers out there, to the new fathers, and to the fathers who are aiming to be better versions of themselves for the sake of their relationship(s) with their child(ren). */edit*

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