6 Ways To Use Pinterest For Style Inspiration

by - Thursday, January 17, 2013

Many of you are already acquainted with Pinterest, but for those who aren't here's a very brief spiel.

Pinterest is, in short, a virtual pinboard. I have wished upon many stars to have a massive collection of magazines that I could cut out pictures from and pin to my cork board in my room and create a deliciously aesthetic collage of everything I want my style to be. But after many wishes unfulfilled, I encountered Pinterest and it has been my online granted wish! There are MANY things you can use Pinterest for! Interior design, wedding planning, cooking, travel, photography... the list goes on!

But for now, we'll stick to one: Style Inspiration!

Here are six (6) ways to use Pinterest to find and define your style!

1) Go in with an idea!
Do you have a style inspiration—don't say me! I'm barely there yet. Give me another year...or three—or a look that inspired you? Keep that in mind as you prepare to dive into the sea of greatness that is Pinterest. It's always good to know what you want before you set out to get it! However, there are many of us that won't have any idea until we start to swim a little! So, if you are going into this with little to no idea, LET'S SWIM!

2) Create specific themed boards.
I use Pinterest for a variety of things but when it comes to style, I get specific! So far, I have style boards dedicated to seasonal inspirations, styling jeans (because maybe the reason I dislike them so much is because I can never put anything together that I love!) and a couple others!

The key here is to divide and conquer! If you put ALL your style inspirations together, you'll get lost in the abyss and drown when trying to find your GOLD-fish. Hehe. It's a lot more appealing when you departmentalize each idea. For example, let's say you're inspired by menswear done with a feminine touch:

DO: Create a pinboard strictly for that look. That style. You'll see how quickly the image develops and how much more feasible attaining and maintaining that style becomes!

DON'T: Don't go to extremes by creating a separate board for each item in that look! That is just overwhelming if you think about it. One board for ties. One board for vests. One board for shoes. Oh, what a mess! If you're a guy, sure, that can work. But remember, you don't want ACTUAL chaos with so many pinboards. You want ORGANIZED chaos. ;)

3) Pin (and repin!) outfits that "match" items you already have!
This is a MUST-DO!
I've already done it!

It gets a little tough sometimes because I have so much in my closet that I pin something I think I have....and I really don't!
*throws hands in air*

But, for those of you who don't have that problem, this is the easiest and the most fun part of Pinterest. The gathering of all your interests into little rooms so they can party together and have a good stinking time! I browse Tumblr, Facebook pages, and Pinterest itself and whenever I see a look that
1) matches a style I'm tackling, and
2) I know I can put together from my items, I
3) pin that baby to the board it needs to be in, tuck it in, and visit it later to make sure it's enjoying its stay.

Sometimes, you may come across a look or an item that NEEDS to be in your closet. Look over your left shoulder. Now your right. Is anyone looking? No? Good. Pin that baby, too. And when your funds allow it, analyze your pins to create a shopping list and go thrifting!!

4) Use the search bar!
I know. This seems obvious. But seriously, the Pinterest search bar is your new best friend!

Be specific with your searches! Go ahead, type in "female menswear". Or, better yet, "African print skirt"! That's the way to do it! Get creative! You may not find EVERYTHING you search for, but the internet is wide and vast. So, where Pinterest fails (which, in my opinion, is NO WHERE), the interwebs can pick up its slack!

5) Add the "Pin It" shortcut button to your bookmark bar!
This... is my absolute favorite thing about Pinterest. It is with me wherever I browse...in spirit and in button form! It's super easy to install and once you do it and have it at your disposal, just watch your baby pin boards mature into wonderful thought-out adults ready and prepared for the world.
Here are the steps:

I use Google Chrome (the Wrench icon changed. It's now a menu sign!), so I'm going to assume that the help page changes to accommodate whichever browser you're using. *crosses fingers with hope*

6) Get started!
Last but most certainly and absolutely not least,
(and follow me on Pinterest if you'd like!)

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